2003-01-22 06:25:39 ET

if you've got it they say, you should flaunt it.

today i will be rockin a morris the cat shirt (9lives fame) and a cat beanie.

2003-01-22 07:04:00 ET


2003-01-22 08:07:59 ET

a life size enid coleslaw (ghost world).

2003-01-22 08:20:43 ET

you are so twisted...

2003-01-22 13:00:10 ET

best shirt ever

2003-01-22 17:24:53 ET

inthia: dood, do you even have to say. *big scary grin*

likenooneelse: me? possibly. although i do agree with the whole 77 (i think that was the year) punk thing. soo much better than that whole gutter thing kids got going on today. what happened to style?

nicole: awwww. thankies!!! its my fave. this is what happens when you clean your room.

syko: mew?

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