new temp look
2003-01-27 17:23:41 ET

since axo went for a new look i figured i would too:

i got new glasses and some fake bangs.

tonight i'm off to the das ich show. had a very nice weekend. brian and i had babies, two to be exact; pixel and icon, two of the cutest rats you'll ever meet. brian and i cleaned out an old monitor that he owned and we turned it into a pretty spiffy rat condo. i promise i'll have pictures soon.


2003-01-27 17:27:48 ET

the look is a good one.

2003-01-27 17:31:19 ET

<3 <3 <3 <3!!!

2003-01-27 17:34:40 ET

are the bangs real!

vrai-ou-faux, ya look dandy. shit i forgot about das ich. shiit. have fun yo

2003-01-27 17:38:43 ET

she got them from dr. locks. i tried to tell her about hair on tracks, scissors and bobbi pins, but she wouldn't listen to me. :(

2003-01-27 17:38:56 ET

looks neat, have a nice night!

2003-01-27 17:41:42 ET

i like yr hair blackkk

2003-01-27 17:42:58 ET

I like your new look a lot better than Axo's!

It's a keeper ;-)

2003-01-27 17:51:45 ET

ahh yea, they look like the bangs on doc locks' site. lubbly indeed

2003-01-27 18:10:40 ET

:D i got some hair on tracks that don't work.

*stabs hair*

i love them. LOVE.


2003-01-28 09:47:51 ET

dizzamn, you! bottom pic is UBER HOT

Insom, my new look = digitalfarce :P

2003-01-28 11:34:56 ET

Were you at Das Ich? Huh? NO I DON'T THINK SO! I didn't see you!

Were you hiding maybe? Where are you?

2003-01-28 11:57:24 ET

i was there. i was there with brian. i was over to the right of the stage. although i spend most of my time down in the dressing room laughing.

2003-01-28 13:26:47 ET


Hope you had a good time. Sorry I missed ya.

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