offical beginnings
2003-02-06 15:12:41 ET

i forgot to mention.

things are offical. the bells the whistles the entire thing. legit.

i got a new hair accessory.

green bangs to match the rest of my hair.

today i went to glendale to meet up with the inthia, mac, and serena. we all needed some musical-ness, hence we went to go see chicago. nice film. wasn't such a disappoint like the certain last musical.. *coughcoughmoulanrougecoughcough* (ok, but only cause of the disaster i like to call nicole kidman. she disgaces "nicoles" everywhere. as far as i'm concerned.) anyhow. the actors can sing and it was entertaining. kudos to ms. atwood on coustumes and to mr. elfman for a fabu score. and richard gere didn't make me want to slit my wrists or kill people like i thought he would.

my insides are liquifing. thanks mother nature. *glare* now to burn off some hostility and kill some aliens via unreal II.

2003-02-06 16:18:17 ET

glad im not the only one who detested moulin rouge. i couldnt even sit through the first 30 minutes. gross.

your rat is so cute and ickle. the picture makes it look like he's expelling a fountain of white hair from his anus, decorating your head! wooo!

2003-02-06 16:27:45 ET

yeah, it was how the h@x0rs say, "teh suck". i detest nicole kidman. frankly, you start a petition to get ms. kidman to change her first name from nicole, cause she is doing some serious shaming.

2003-02-06 18:24:44 ET

YAY. :)

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