2003-02-06 23:25:15 ET

i've got the overwhelming sense that failure will be paying me a visit tomarrow.

2003-02-06 23:50:21 ET

Well, at least you're being optimis-- wait, nevermind...

2003-02-07 03:13:10 ET

Nah.. failure's all booked up with me this week.

2003-02-07 08:15:29 ET

i thought i told you i needed him on friday! :/ listen just be at the Mcdonalds parking lot before three, so i can pick him up from you. its called "JOINT" custody for a reason. you can't always keep him.

2003-02-07 09:47:48 ET

Fine, but you'd better have my child support check.

2003-02-07 21:39:27 ET

Did you pass your test?

2003-02-08 06:58:44 ET

tell us what happened..

::runns around in a circle::

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