2003-02-13 23:46:18 ET

your horribly disfigured.

tubing, its a good thing.

i've spent the past two days with nicole. we got to hang out, did some last minute hair things, and ate ice cream.

60 dreds. 45 feet of tubing later...

.. and voila. a head full of insanity.

we ened up watching mostly weird ass tv. and giggling quite a bit about random things. its nice to just get back to basics.

2003-02-14 07:01:08 ET

looks awesome, you're purty! :P

2003-02-14 07:57:32 ET

ooo. i love the hair!

2003-02-14 15:32:47 ET

looks good. it looks like your whole head is tubing.

2003-02-16 17:29:49 ET

thankies thankies.

alex_ i totally love it. i'm thinking of painting some of the clear tubing. as an added effect once i get bored of this.

2003-02-16 17:36:26 ET

i tried painting clear tubing once with acrylic - it went peely :|

how is your scalp feelin thus far? mine doesnt take too well to extremely heavy 'dos - which sucks because it means my imminent all-tubing venture will probably cause the top of my skull to melt away, leaving my brain exposed like in hannibal.

2003-02-16 21:04:19 ET

yeah, i've got the scabs and the itchy sores. :/ ew.

but aside from the icky ness its already starting to pull out. i think i'm too rough and tumbly for the tubing. woooo. sooon.

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