2003-02-16 21:16:54 ET

brian's rat, icon, is preggers!! he's gonna be a momma.

so if anyone wants some baby rat action, let us know.

and my rat, is a total lesbian. it attacked brian's roommate's bra and wouldn't come out. i was too busy laughing to help.

but the rats like the tubing, they curl up in it and sleep.

i had a nice weekend. got an unexpected gift on friday, which made everyone is the house jealous. insane red roses. so my mom and sisters got all crazy. it was amusing. friday night after work, brian and i headed up to santa barabra for the weekend. we spent saturday hanging out on state st. which hasn't change since i've last went. santa barbra is really nice. the weather was nice too, viva overcast.

i suppose i should get to finishing my box of jujyfruits.

2003-02-16 21:18:34 ET

i used to have rats.
they ate each other.

2003-02-16 21:23:30 ET


mine likes to crawl to the top of my head and nestle in my dready tubey mop, and make me paranoid about ratty turds.

also, i just might take a baby rat!

2003-02-16 21:30:13 ET

Good thing the gay rat isn't expecting; a gay single mom pregnant with oct- or non-uplets would be a real mess. *checks bra for rat poo*

2003-02-16 23:13:55 ET

i think my rat is in love with my cat... what will the kids be like?!

2003-02-17 03:09:27 ET

hrm.. any extra rats! I got snakes that would looooove baby rats!

2003-02-17 03:16:03 ET

sounds like you had a great weekend :)

2003-02-17 10:00:25 ET



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