we like cars.
2003-02-27 05:48:22 ET

to balance out life. my family has decided to take to making things completely miserable.

i guess when your completely collapsing from the burden of happiness you get from other aspects of your life, things have to go wrong somewhere else.

i think if i spent my time here sleeping, i can just sleep through it. bring myself in and out of a coma. only spending my waking moment getting ready to leave.
school has been wonderful, i just can't wait till i can drive back and forth, becuase the bus is truely my arch nemisise. i've been listening to the chicago soundtrack way too much. i'm beginnning to think i've become an optimist again. back to the topic. i think this semester i will truely get some decent work out and ready for my portfolio.
hopefully, this means by next next spring i'll be ready for transfer. viva.

the weekend line up was as follows.

friday: brian. we went mini-golfing. i hate mini-golfing so i refrained from the events that transpired. although watching everyone was quite enjoyable. i'm a stubborn moose.

saturday: i was awaken by brian attacking me, apparently he had gotten up and gone to class and it was roughly noon. something about his appartment that lets me sleep. unlike my house which is impossible to get a good night's sleep in.

i've spent most of this week just moosin around. although teusday night i went out with brian for dinner, but he was way too sick and shouldn't have gone out. so we ate a little and then came back to my house, he started to fall asleep in the car. so i picked him up, threw him over my shoulder and walked inside. made a little spot for him on the floor, and he crashed right out.
wednesday my class was cancelled so i got to spend the day wtih him. mostly he just slept. but it was still nice regardless.

the nice part of it all, was i started to get sick. :/ so, now i'm sick and need some tlc. so for today, i go to school and take my driving test. yay. hopefully the medicine won't eat my brain and i'll pass.


2003-02-27 07:39:14 ET

:crosses fingers: here is to some massive good luck to you taking the test today!

and i hope brian is doing better. you too, you poor monkey.

2003-02-27 10:37:40 ET

aww, thank you nicole. my nose has been dripping on end. :/ i've gone through like a bajillion tissues. :/ hopefully i'm kicking this.

2003-03-07 15:45:47 ET

good luck on your driving test. im sure you will do fine. :)

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