2003-03-08 09:13:10 ET

i'm currently sitting on brian's chair in front of his computer. i've got a rat crawling around my leg.

as for the baby rats. possibly some of the cutest rats i have ever seen. i've my eye on two that i just hope are both girls. because they are adorable. i took some pictures so once i get home i'll get them up. cause i know you'll know be dying to see what they look like.

as for me, i'm still sick. and its not that pleasant. i'm really dyhydrated and my body almost insist on only producing liquid that falls outta my nose. i've been drinking water cause my mouth won't produce saliva. its been a grand old time.

i took a shower here this morning, and there are some birds who are trying to build a nest imbetween the window and the screen and its really quite cute. but kinda weird cause i look over and this bird is giving me eyes.

kinda like this.

my rat is soo cute.

its just peed all over my lap. :/

that is all.

2003-03-08 09:21:54 ET

nicole and i saw some baby rats at a pet store yesterday and died. they look like seals.

i cant wait to see yours. @(@#$(

2003-03-08 09:24:04 ET

soo soon. hopefully by tonight. if your not busy you should come over tonight we are having a get together of sorts. starts sevenish, but noone will be around till like eight. maybe i can get brian to let me take them so you can see em.

2003-03-08 09:26:47 ET

a rat party ?!

maybe i can mosey on down.

2003-03-08 09:29:57 ET

zang. i'll see what i can do. if not i'll certainly have pictures. besides you can't really refuse free food right?

2003-03-08 09:45:45 ET

free food = i be there.

2003-03-09 08:17:29 ET

i'm sorry i didn't go... i suck

2003-03-10 10:46:43 ET

motherfucking ginny used zang as in exellent?! I guess im truely not alone.

2003-03-10 12:43:47 ET

boo ya.

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