god loves us.
2003-03-13 21:04:51 ET

god loves me.

CBS. eleven thirty. letterman.

crispen glover with will farrell hosting.

tomarrow i see willard.

2003-03-14 04:42:01 ET

fo sheezy.

2003-03-18 10:31:32 ET

hahah, I saw that show. Damn it was funny.
And DAMN Crispen Glover is sexy.

2003-03-18 15:40:50 ET

yes. yes he is. did you catch him on conan o'brien?

2003-03-18 17:16:56 ET

:o nooo! *cry* Damnit, and Conan's sexy too...

2003-03-18 17:32:21 ET

exactly. it was the best thing. EVER!

2003-03-18 19:31:33 ET

please tell me crispin and conan made out. please.

actually if that happened i could probably fall over dead because everything else in life from that point onward would just seem less sweet, somehow.

2003-03-19 05:19:10 ET

it'd make me want to stop living. you know. like i've reached my full potential and there would be no reason to continue on.

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