2003-03-15 15:41:27 ET

today i went to school for a lith print demo. it was disappointing, at best. i ended up with only one decent print. i think the overall feeling was pretty much "meh". although i did have some good luaghs with inthia which made it all worth while. if she wasn't there, i would have probably left in the middle of it. pablo and i have established once more that i am creepy.

i'm buying an enlarger from school. viva. i'll be able to print at home.

i went to the doctor and i am now on anti-biotics that have some form of sulfur in them. so hopefully by next weekend i should be in tip top shape. the doctors office was straight out of 1950. i loved it.

i have film. lots of it. beware.

i'm planning on being absorbed by my couch. or better yet, brian.

2003-03-15 15:47:16 ET

SULFUR PILLS. are you gonna fart toxic clouds of yellow now?

your own enlarger=awesome.

2003-03-15 16:12:08 ET

(sulfur)its for my UTI. :D

as for the whole enloarger thing. its uber rockin.

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