schooled in cool.
2003-03-18 09:17:43 ET

i suppose a formal update is somewhat due.

friday night i sat around. waiting for conan o'brien. crispen glover was to be on. but pass out sometime before then. my guess eleven thrity ish. woke up about two. and then just kinda flopped around.

saturday brian and i attended a bar-b-que. i took some cough syrup which is laced with codeine and kinda just got really really tired. so before i completely passed out we went back over to brian's. watched the rats for a bit. i love them.

especially ghost and phantom. <3

sunday we got up, went out to breakfast. and then mostly just flopped around. bought the squeekies a new cage. introduce pixel to the gang. and separated the males out. 3 males 6 females. which translates to 3 males for adoption and 4 females for adoption.

this needs its own paragraph. i saw willard. words can't describe. the film was really awesome and i will be buying myself a suit and putting pixel on my shoulder. i think i am gonna use it as inspiration for some photography. viva. take photos of all my friends with rats. i think this could be very neet.

my trogdor shirt.

i am now the coolest kid in school. last night i go to hang out with brian and some of his friends. but had to leave early due to a psych test. :/

gonna meet up with some uber fine girlies and rock the indian cuisine.

2003-03-18 09:26:08 ET

damnnn the babies are cute!

2003-03-18 10:22:50 ET

Those rats are adorable...I have several rodents (3spiney mice, hamster, gerbil) my friend Gina has a rat....and Indian food is great

2003-03-18 11:36:06 ET

ratteyz $#(*@#$

haha willard has inspired us all apparently. i am stippling a photo of crispin with socrates on his shoulder him for drawing. STIPPLESTIPPLE !(#!*$ \m/

2003-03-18 15:46:54 ET

courtney: the rest can be view here.

julie: i love them to pieces. i owned a hamster way back when. actually a few. three. it was awesome. viva indian food!

n2cole: i was gonna do these series of paintings.

2003-03-25 13:59:09 ET



you,madame, kick some serious ass ^_^

2003-03-25 14:17:03 ET

i try.

2003-03-28 12:13:18 ET

Trogdor!!!!!! da da da daaaaaaaaaaa....I love Strongbad

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