2003-03-19 05:28:43 ET

as for this morning. what to do. what to do. i sleep with two blankets. when i woke up one of my blanket had completely disappeared off my body. hence, my sore throat. so i figured it would be on the floor next to my bed. i look down ready to snatch the thing up. and it isn't there. brief moment of panic. and then i look at the rest of the room, everything in order, except, for my blanket which has foudn itself on the other side of the room. that is sooo not funny.

had a fabu time with the girls yesturday. we went to paru's. the food was mighty tasty. n2cole and i shared a cup of mango juice, which was sooo rad. we headed over to freestyle and i plopped down some cash for more film, lith paper, and some cynotype paper.

we headed over to hollywood wig (<3) and i got some much needed fake hair. the next transition of colours will be neon pink, neon green, and black. i plan to rock the obnoxious hair.

today i buy my enlarger from school. *prances* this will be a glorious day.

2003-03-19 06:00:05 ET

Maybe the aliens forgot to put it back on you after they performed their hedious experiments.

2003-03-19 06:04:49 ET

*shivers under blue blanket freaked out* great, this is all need.

... why did you have to say aliens... you coulda said "puppies"...

*hides underneath blanket and sobs*

2003-03-19 06:49:22 ET


2003-03-19 06:54:22 ET

I was really terrified of aliens when I was a kid.

Still am. Sort of.

2003-03-19 10:46:14 ET

neon pink& neon green is the best color combination in existence. i want everything neon pink and neon green. i wish i had an eyeshadow that is super bright green. the one i have is pretty wimpy.

2003-03-19 11:04:39 ET

try mac cosmetics. they have this chartuse which is pretty dang rad. :D super cute. i have it and love it. plus they have this blue, "electric eel", that is just the greatest colour.

and yes neon pink and neon green is the best!!

btw i added you cause you are just too cool.

2003-03-19 11:06:34 ET

total: *glare* ok , i'm such a nerd. and i don't knwo why i'm gonna tell you this. but what the hell.

so, i went to go watch "signs", the mel gibson alien film. and had to stop watching it cause i got to freaked out. i couldn't take it. once i saw that they were gonna stay in the house and then have the aliens come and attack them i just gave up. i was soo nerved out. and for like a week i swore to god aliens were outside my house.

2003-03-19 11:34:36 ET

Heh, okay, since you let it out, I can tell ya I was kinda nervous bout watching Signs too. Luckily it was a crappy film, so I didn't really have that 'suspension of disbelief' thing going on.. But.. Err.. .I watched this movie once.. Filmed in home video, documentary style (though it's fictious) about this family that get visited and attacked and stuff.

I couldn't sleep after I saw that. :(

2003-03-19 11:59:08 ET

total: dear god. i'd vomit. i get too worked up.

2003-03-19 12:03:01 ET

yeh, i have the one you're talking about. bitter? i have the electric eel too...haha. i'm a M.A.C. crazed lady. M.A.C. is my life....due to some dumb crap happening with the management at the counter i applied at, i wasn't able to get the job. ugh. so sad. =/ they may have some openings in the near future, though. so i'm keeping my fingers crossed. if you like orange...you should check out M.A.C.'s new orange shadow. *drool* it's a deep neon orange. i loooooveit.

2003-03-19 12:20:13 ET

i own it. :D i'm a MAC addict. its quite sad. i've been floating around the MAC store in my mall hoping they will have positions soon.

2003-03-19 12:29:16 ET

woa you are going to get an enlarger! im going to your house...hehe jk.

2003-03-19 12:32:47 ET

fellow MAC addicts unite....and drool. ugh. they had a position open and i had my first interview and i was just waiting to find out which day my next one would be and the manager, my friend, her position was offered to some bitch in tucson...so now whatever hours i would have had are going to my friend. no MAC for me. unless there are openings at other counters.....but i like the girls at this one and it's closest to my house. grrrrr.

2003-03-19 23:28:41 ET

*feels left out*

I want neon stuff too.


2003-03-20 05:48:31 ET

shesariot: that sucks. i'm sure though something will happen and you'll be able to get a job there. we could hire a hit man to take one of them out.... O_o

total: you can have neon stuff. i promise.

alex: yeah. its gonna be uber rad.

2003-03-20 06:22:28 ET

All I have is neon loneliness.

Gib mier your neon stuff!! :o)

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