2003-03-22 19:38:11 ET

dear today:

go away. and never come back.




today was the crappiest day. i am now completely screwed. i couldn't shoot my photo project as planned. but then i figured i could do it tomarrow. nope. i have to work. on top of that i received a write up at work. because i called out all those times i was sick. the write up i don't really care about, hot topic is the last thing on my list to worry about. its behind what to do with my hair, and shaving my legs. but the combined fact of how many things went wrong just sucked.

i don't know what to do wtih my photo project at all. i think i'll pass monkeys through my veins and photograph them travelling into my heart and killing me. can someone develope the film for me?

what to do, what to do.

on the plus side.

brian = best thing ever.

now to shoot things.

2003-03-22 20:35:48 ET

B0o for stress. Just remember that I will help you with your project tomorrow..I only work until 9:30 a.m. So give me a call, ok?

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