2003-03-24 07:06:10 ET

meh. a resounding "meh" if i might add.

my computer is broken. well not exactly but i swear if it doesn't stop beeping. *punches hand*

i also have zero money. which means i can't get to or from school today. or get my film processed. fafsa, where are you?

i got to see brian last night which was good. i've been so tired. i haven't gotten a good night's rest at all.

two of the babies died. a nameless one and ghost. they were eaten. so now we are down to seven.

today i'll study for my anthro test some more and get my psych work out of the way. at least it won't be a completely ruined day.

2003-03-24 08:10:43 ET

you guys needs to start feeding your rats more often .

2003-03-24 09:15:41 ET

:sends ginny fluffy vibes:

vix: when there is a big litter rats do that sometimes. its weird.

2003-03-24 11:45:38 ET


poor ginny
poor rats


i'm sorry

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