2003-03-25 17:00:19 ET

i don't know exactly what i am waiting for. i've been sitting here for hours now.

2003-03-25 17:01:47 ET

possibly the biggest problem of our fucking generation.

2003-03-25 17:02:46 ET

i'm waiting for love, baby. perhaps you are waiting for lovin'?

2003-03-25 17:43:51 ET

the thing that is the interweb @_@

2003-03-27 11:23:00 ET

schlagzeug, your sure as all hell right. i've been expecting the entertainment to come to me. where the fuck is my remote. but there are other reasons as to why i have no motivation, but that' s something personal that i'm sure wouldn't be all that interesting to hear.

sykospark: i know what you mean. ;D

nicole: it is not the interweb that's zombiefied me. its my situation. its my helplessness/hopelessness. i'm in a situation i don't know how to deal with. my lack of knowledge has made me stalemate.

2003-03-27 13:45:56 ET

phase number 1: collect underpants.

phase number 2:

phase number 3: profit.


2003-03-28 12:50:25 ET

step one: remove sock
step two: jerk into sock
step three: replace sock


2003-03-31 05:50:52 ET

Ginneh! we have cable now!!

2003-03-31 13:39:48 ET

viva. cable is the r0xar.

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