2003-04-01 05:28:06 ET

so the onset of what was yesturday. it was pretty much crap. i turned in my project. had a horrible critique. but then had a glimmering moment of fun when inthia, marie, david, and terriell (terry-el) went to the unnamed golden arches for some lunch. since i am the broke, i was given a coupon for a free meal. the kid at the counter hates me. i am sure of it. i order my usual number one with no "meat". a big mac wtih no "meat", the instant i say thoughs words luaghter errupts from the greesy burger trolls flipping behind the large soda machine. what i would like to know, is why does it take so long to make a burger without any "meat". i'm not waiting for the "meat" to "cook". all of my items are sitting right there just waiting to be put together. its something i will never understand. maybe its the fact that they don't know what to do when that half sandwich comes along. its a total cog to the burger system.

inthia and i had a good heart to heart about things. even though it was more of a bitching fit. but when your rocking the same feelings and it needs to get out. you might as well. she's a good kid that one.

yesturday i had another moment of yay. we own variously wig busts. i don't mean those crappy styrophome heads either. they are made out of ceramic, or various other hard materials. i shot off a roll on one, my favorite which is old, and the second layer of skin coloured paint is peeling and cracking in several areas. it reveals a lighter skin tone underneath and she has this burn victim look. another head is a glazed black ceramic head, which is quite creepy. when i have a house, i want my bedroom to be filled with manekins, and i want various arms reaching out of the walls. i know its weird. but its what i want. blame it on my uncle who had manekins in his room, they were fully dressed and very vintage. i thought it was always creepy. but i loved it.

i suppose i should be off to school, or something along those lines. i have a relitively vacant time between school which ends at ten and work which starts at five-thirty. hopefully i'll get to pick up some more slide film, and some batteries for my camera so i can shoot some more. i've got this brillant idea.

just one of the many i suppose.

2003-04-01 05:34:04 ET

I think the mannequin idea is great! In fact, my closest friend had her old apartment decorated with mannequins of various sizes. It was very Twilight Zoney.

2003-04-01 09:09:30 ET

i love them. there's a manekin store by my house kinda. the show window is absolutely hysterical. just cause its a bunch of nekkid figures.

2003-04-01 09:44:32 ET

oh boy. i once went there because i had no other options...and it took them 20 minutes to throw some lettuce into a cup ( a meatless ceasar salad thingie)....i couldn't believe it. i mean...they must have totally freaked out when they had to make a new one...not just grab one of the pre-made ones. oirehogfg0o8giwdog.

2003-04-01 12:35:30 ET

i know! it like completely throughs everyone/everything out of whack.

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