2003-04-02 17:05:59 ET

i added a boombox to the mix of colour photo. which was a blast. everyone was singing and prancing to the chicago soundtrack, and various other forms of music.

today was ok i suppose, just mostly a day of printing. then crazyiness with nicole. and i had some in n out. *chomps* it was great.

i came home, picked up stuff. it was very bland. i thought i would shoot photos. but that didn't happen. it was very cold and very dark outside. so my photos would of had to be very long and well a hassle.

i bought really cute bows for my hair. fear me!!!!

maybe i'll attack my shower.

2003-04-02 17:11:27 ET

*fears you*

2003-04-02 21:17:28 ET

my shower looks like a murder scene after i wash my hair in there. haha. what kind of bows?? i just bought some ribbon at michaels for 99 cents!! a whole thingie...and it's hot pink with neon green edges. eeee. cuttte. haha.

2003-04-03 05:20:15 ET

that's gonna be tre cute!! the bows are neon pink, black and white, and polka dots are involved. they are very cyber anime-ish. once i get my dreds done, i'll tosss them in there and take a picture.

2003-04-03 05:41:11 ET

oh man. sounds like you got some good ribbon!!! what kind of texture is it? yes. take pictures. LOTS of pictures. hahaha.

2003-04-03 05:44:08 ET

its really rad. its just like that silky ribbon that all little girl hair clips are made out of.

2003-04-03 05:50:12 ET

ooooh cute. mine's kinda silky but it's the cheapie kind...so it frays easily. i need to bust out a lighter and stop it from fraying. hmmmmm. i might wear some of it today. hmmmmm.qeifhog. decisions decisions. haha.

2003-04-03 06:23:41 ET

i've never caught you name. i don't think. it'd be nice to address you with some form or name-age. :D

you got aol or yahoo? my handle is beetleginny for both of them. :D

2003-04-03 06:34:45 ET

my name is stttephanie. haha. i probably never told you. and usually i'm a stickler for knowing peoples' names and actually using it. haha. i'm assuming yours is ginny...but i have been wrong before. so yeh. haha. i have aim... epitome of sass is the thingie! i'm away right now...cause i'm bouncing back and forth from putting on makeup and playing on here. but i definitely will be saying hi when i'm NOT away. =]

2003-04-03 06:59:16 ET

neet! and yes it is ginny. :D

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