2003-04-08 05:38:17 ET

after i get used to this time change, i vote we keep it like this. and never change it. i currently envy people in arizona.

i had a nice weekend spent with brian. saturday we went to magic mountain. where we cavorted about with smash, mandy, and omar for a good percentage of the day. then the harassing phone calls kicked in, and we met up wtih tom, kim, matty, cindy, and jay. unforntunitely it is spring break at some schools, so the park was pretty packed. most rides had an hour wait. as long as i get to ride viper i'm happy. and we did. many hideous pictures were taken. but i'll let you look at this one. brian attacking me.

the park was freezing, and zipping around at 40 miles an hour with nuthing protecting you from the frezing wind is horrible. on the plus side we had funnel cake, and hot cocoa to warm us up. then it was the best ride of all. home. warm car. Mmmm. and sammich. over all it was a good day.

sunday brian and i moosed about a good percentage of the day. about six or so we headed down to the beach to watch the sunset. we watched a family get pecked to death by seagulls. after that we headed back over to his place to make dinner. vuva la tuna melt. michelle gave us a call and we headed on over to watch "the cube". which was a pretty good movie. although it definitely wasn't a horror film. it was a suspense thriller type. remeber that category? it doesn't exist anymore. they lump things over into action, drama (a few %, or to horror. and there wasn't anything horrorish about, maybe except for acid shot into the face of a person. but not even that was all to bad.

today i have psych class and later tonight i have to work. next week is spring break. i will be cleaning my room for the event.

2003-04-08 06:10:38 ET

ha! thats brian!


what a dork!


2003-04-08 07:20:02 ET

i envy people in hawaii as well...i dont even know why still change the time...we have all of what? three farmers in the grand ole u.s.of.a.

2003-04-08 08:58:20 ET

most people who have farms have automated machines that do all the work. the time change for california is unrealistic.

2003-04-08 09:00:50 ET

dj: yes he is. he's also one of them i'll grab my girlfriend and you snap a picture so we both look geeky types. *glares towards brian's general current location*

2003-04-08 09:08:35 ET


tell him i said hi.

i havent seen that looser in ages

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