2003-04-10 15:27:13 ET

*rips scalp off* my head is burning.

on the plus side it is burning for a good cause. no roots! i'm on my way to a hed of pretty hair. even though i should really just cute it very short and let it all grow out. cause my hair is uber ugly. :/

i made some beuatiful cyanotupes today. absolutely beautiful. well mostly cause i like bugs. any how.

update: my head itches. it is a nice orange colour. i kinda look like a troll.

2003-04-10 15:30:39 ET


::strokes your hair for good luck::

is there an enormously large jewel in your bellybutton?

2003-04-10 15:35:34 ET

I dyed my hair orange once.. not on purpose tho. In case you were wondering, no you can't go from dark red to platinum. Good luck trolling. ;)

2003-04-10 16:01:12 ET

i've done red --> platinum. it wasn't pretty. but it happened.

2003-04-10 16:06:18 ET

Yikes! I got mine to a pale orange, and it looked like hell-- Did you have any hair left?

2003-04-10 16:10:08 ET

some, it looked like a twig. that's gone all squirelly

2003-04-11 09:20:43 ET

Mines ended up looking like a yucky salmon colour.

2003-04-11 16:38:24 ET

like this?

2003-04-11 18:36:43 ET

More or less. Ha.

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