og special
2003-04-12 06:45:09 ET

so word t the wise, don't go see anger management. i think i will write an angry letter to jack. if you watch the trailer that should be sufficent to get all of the semi-funny parts. cause once you put all of that stuff in context it sucks. i haven't been soo disappointed with a film since something about mary. my face the entire time :| inthia and marie got their money back. i just sat back and closed my eyes attempting to get some rest. it was nice to get out of the house and chill with the og gangster crew.

i've got work today. woo. i get my paycheck. viva. i brought my enlarger home from school. which propagates me to clean my room. i don't think i used that word correctly but whatever.


why, yes. i'd love some breakfast.

2003-04-12 07:03:41 ET

mmmm banannas and cream oatmeal...

was the movie really that bad? its ok though, i dont go to movies unless its starwars / startrek / or some other scifi geekcore movie that i dont want to wait till dvd release type thing.

as usually is the case, i go to the theatre and the picture sucks, and the sound is equally horrible.

i get the dvd several months later, and well, it looks and sounds great. maybe im just too picky. i think Anger management will be a good 3$ payperview

2003-04-12 07:06:26 ET

its definitely a movie to rent. not a movie where you go to the cinema and spent $9 on.

i could see how the film would be entertaining. but it just wasn't hitting me. i think i've moved passed the basic fart and dick joke humor. :/

2003-04-12 07:07:29 ET

i havent... but i probably wont see it till pay-per-vew anyway.

2003-04-12 09:04:00 ET

i didnt think it was too bad, cause i like adam sandler movies and jack nicolson movies... and tickets were only $6.50

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