2003-04-14 00:58:37 ET

i'm not looking forward to this week.

i spent a nice day with brian. last night after work he came and picked me up. we proceeded back to his place for some dinner and a movie. soba noodles + ginger and the royal tennanbaums. <3 a girl can't ask for anything better really. had some tofuti cuties + brownie bits for dessert. (heh. brian and tofu.)

today was mostly spent sleeping. got up around 4:30. showered, dressed, tofutied, and then off to eat dinner and see a film.

house of 1000 corpses. totally rocked. mindyou. go in thinking this film is a B-FILM. or else you will be very disappointed. you gotta imagine its gonna be the worse of the worse. and it'll be all good. essentially rob zombie took texas chain saw massacre and put his rock n roll vibe to it. defintely quite entertaining. btw, rob zombie + lionel ritchie + the song brick house = fuckin amazing.

i've been somewhat of a cinemaphile lately. andhow.

public service anouncement: best boy ever = brian.

2003-04-14 01:10:21 ET

is the house of 1000 corpses new? i've never heard of it...

2003-04-14 01:17:32 ET

*waves* don't forget about the little people....

2003-04-14 01:25:02 ET

yes. it is rob zombie's new film. he wrote/directed it.

2003-04-14 01:28:47 ET

ooh sounds nice...i wish it'll get here someday

2003-04-14 04:11:30 ET

I 100% agree with you, Ginny. I think it's a shame that some peple are landblasting the film because they are looking at it with a non-interpritive eye. It is TOTALLY supposed to be a 1970's horror homage film! I thought it was a fun rendition of campiness. I like how movie goers of certain subkultures bitch and moan all the live long day about how stale the movie scene is, and then when somethig comes along that was created with a certain interntion, they themselves are too stale to recognize it. In short....I liked it too :)

2003-04-14 08:19:34 ET

dan: hooo-rah! and well said amd quite clever. granded if some of the typical rob zombie "cut scene naked women and skeletons" would have been cut the movie would have moved a little more fluidy. for the most part it was quite amuzing. granted it wasn't the greatest film. but it definitely wasn't that bad.

2003-04-14 08:35:36 ET

im glad to hear it was good!

2003-04-15 05:51:43 ET


2003-04-15 08:38:32 ET


2003-04-15 09:23:36 ET

Ginny: You watch Mail Call? Or did "hoo-rah" come from somewheres else?
I <3 R. Lee Ermy, heh heh.

2003-04-15 09:36:46 ET

dan: i've heard of it. but never watched it. i was just hooo-rahing.

2003-04-15 09:46:51 ET

Ahhh yes; I wasn't sure.... Ermy says "hoo-rah" about 800 times per episode.

2003-04-15 12:10:16 ET

lol! that's the best. i deinitely should watch it.

2003-04-15 12:23:03 ET

OH YES, you's a half hour of fun every time :-D

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