2003-04-15 20:58:27 ET

WOOOOOOOOO. i have a positive balance. *prances*

waiting for the boy to get back so we can kill aliens.

mostly so that i can watch his 1337 sk1lls and take them from him.
i worked today. which was interesting. it was slow, very slow, and then got uber busy, and then slow again. slow, slow, quick, quick, slow.

i've got some play money @ the snot rocket that i don't knwo what to use it on. but i know the instant i buy something, we'll get something in that is cooler.

my eyes hurt. but morrissey makes it all better. oh, and i've been on this kick to listen to my old music from middle school. <3 bush.

gAvIn Is SoOoOo HaWt.

2003-04-15 21:01:30 ET

*drool* I love bush with all of my putrid heart.

2003-04-15 21:03:35 ET

you then, rock.

i've been on this total razorblade suitcase kick, today though i kinda mixed it up with deconstructed.

i never bought the chemical between us, or golden state, cause i was "too cool" but i'm very temtped.

2003-04-15 21:05:12 ET

whats the snot rocket?>

2003-04-15 21:07:28 ET

Oh my, "The Science of things" Is lovely. And if you don't get the cd, get at least "40 miles from the sun" or "Letting the cables sleep" Those, besides "The chemicals between us" and "mindchanger" are my total favrorites.

2003-04-15 21:08:37 ET

Songs off that album-I meant.

2003-04-15 21:42:42 ET

gavin is supper hawt!! i used to loove razor blade suit case.

2003-04-15 22:30:56 ET

botticelli: snot rocket= hot topic

pez: that's the albumn name. for somereason i just couldn't think of it.

undigit: i know. i love bush.

2003-04-18 16:50:17 ET

ok, going offtopic, but which aliens?

2003-04-18 16:59:55 ET

ALIENS?! where !?!?

2003-04-19 09:58:20 ET

The ones you were going to kill when your boy got back!

2003-04-20 14:42:49 ET

oh yes. invasion on ut2k3. *swirls*

2003-04-23 13:21:14 ET

Rock! Invasion! If you see DeathJester around, say hi. :)

2003-04-23 14:00:57 ET

i wanna say that we played together a few days ago. but i don't really remember. i remember the jester part. any chance you played with krackaddict or androidboy?

2003-04-23 20:47:49 ET

krackaddict sounds familiar, but i can't say for sure.

Just keep an eye out...I haven't been in much recently since I got into the Planetside Beta :)

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