2003-04-23 16:57:11 ET

i can't get enough of "hot hot heat". i've been listening them all day. i got the new radiohead cd today from a friend. unmastered tracks but i don't care. the albumn is sooo good. another good thing is cevin cey's "ghost of every room". i have a bunch of good music. *prances*

oh and space's "female of species" is great. i wanna cover it.

gimme your music fix.

2003-04-23 17:00:32 ET

aw i <3 hot hot heat.

today's music is:
*the faint
*coheed and cambria
*the blood brothers

2003-04-23 17:10:54 ET

Hot hot heat is great. I feel in love with the song bandages, today music fix is mostly Hanzel Und Gretyl and Flesh Field.

2003-04-23 17:15:35 ET

hold me down aveda is a goofy song, i love it :)

2003-04-23 17:16:03 ET

everyone adores Bandages..even the most unsuspected people. today, i listen to Sex Pistols.

2003-04-23 17:18:21 ET

my fave song from the h x 3 = talked to me, dance with me and no, not now.

2003-04-23 17:21:54 ET

i like haircut economics too and oh godd*mmit.

2003-04-23 17:33:15 ET

when does the new radiohead cd come out?
andddd today's music is
*trainspotting soundtrack
*the faint
*le tigre

2003-04-23 17:38:29 ET

ghost of each room is grr-eat jammin

and because we're all blabbing about current music..

- H.I.V.+ :: censored frequencies and other mystic territories
- 5f_55 :: II
- vivaldi :: le quattro stagioni
- vangelis' blade runner soundtrack

2003-04-23 18:02:48 ET

raise: UK, Europe: Monday June 9. North America: Tuesday June 10

2003-04-23 18:05:57 ET

mm uk....:-).

my boyfriend lives in london.

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