mi xy ru bz
2003-04-29 20:17:47 ET

i've got that sexy artist look going on, wearing a smock and covered in paint. its all over my face and hands.

soo hawt.

on the plus side i have 24 frames painted black.

oh, and i love ikea.

2003-04-29 20:25:07 ET

wearing NOTHING BUT smock and paint?! ohh the scandal!

2003-04-29 20:56:27 ET

too sessy. eiy.

frames to what?

2003-04-30 05:26:36 ET

n2cole:i am nothing but scandal.

botticelli: they are for an art piece i have.

2003-04-30 16:23:44 ET

ikea does rock!! my whole bedroom set is ikea!!!

2003-04-30 17:16:02 ET

I've never been there.

2003-05-01 07:48:13 ET

you're like that chick from "She's all that" except your art is actually good:]

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