HOT !! XXX!! STEAMY! seamonkey on seamonkey action!!
2003-05-01 12:37:51 ET

weeee. i'm kinda sick. i've used two rolls of toliet paper in attempting to stop the maddness.

and i thought i would be walking over to sit down and type out a nice journal entry. i look over and to my horror i see the sea monkeys going at it, AGAIN!!!

my look of shock & horror.

um.. yeah.

i should start a site.

i had a psych test. which under the given circumstances i can say i did ok with. i need a saw and some boiling water.

anyhow. i'll be off.

btw, i love the 80's on vh1 = awesome. micheal ian black = god.

2003-05-01 12:49:20 ET

sea monkey porn. ooh la la.

2003-05-01 12:54:56 ET

omg sea monkeys!

2003-05-01 13:05:03 ET

lol very cute


2003-05-01 13:10:20 ET

not at cute and playful as one would imagine, huh!!!!

sea monkeys = downfall of morals.

2003-05-01 14:25:12 ET

sheeit..i was looking at your pictures n stuff throughout your journal
you are THE prettiest girl on SK

2003-05-01 17:56:09 ET

you totaly need the "godzilla-point-cover-your-mouth-in-horror" look


2003-05-02 05:31:19 ET

distorted. you lie. because you are. :P

inthia: i tried but in order to take the picutre i need my pointing hand.

"they took my squeezing arm! they took ME SQUEEZING ARM!!!!"

2003-05-02 06:24:29 ET

ginny...are we gonna have to fight over this?

2003-05-03 11:14:11 ET

dis: i think soo. *holds up fists and jumps around*

2003-05-03 11:29:37 ET

woo hoo! lets mudwrastle!!!

2003-05-03 17:28:30 ET

we should charge, that way we can make some bling bling. :D

2003-05-04 08:10:28 ET

$$!! aww sheeit...thats what im sayin'!

2003-05-04 11:41:12 ET

we should try to get some other people in on it.... ya'know. more hot girls = more boys wanting to see = more money!! and we'll need a bad guy.

2003-05-04 18:56:57 ET ALL ABOUT building a lesbian castle
<3 Harem

2003-05-05 08:29:42 ET

I feel compelled to comment, and my comment is this:


2003-05-05 11:25:22 ET

AXO get out youre a guy
you can stand outside and WISH you were in the lesbian castle!
and while we're at it...ima steal that hot little rice farmer of yours

2003-05-05 11:32:02 ET

wargh! I shall sneakle in in dragfem disguise. Into the lesbo seraglio go I!

2003-05-05 12:45:44 ET couldnt pull it off to save your life buddy!

2003-05-05 12:51:02 ET

besides, no "ericas" allowed. :P

2003-05-05 13:16:24 ET

why no ericas? hehe

2003-05-05 13:16:58 ET

axo = eric , eric + drag = "erica"...

2003-05-06 07:24:46 ET

damn, I wish I could find that pic of me in drag. I am SEXAY.

2003-05-06 08:46:26 ET

maybe we'll allow him drag..BLINDFOLDED

2003-05-06 08:52:24 ET

man i would not be down for that. the blindfolded part is scary

2003-05-06 08:58:35 ET

yah, I'm thinking about that scary scene in 'Wild at Heart' now. 0.o

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