2003-05-05 12:50:20 ET

oh gawd. what a day.

well i got one piece into the art show, and i wanna demand for it back. you know. i submit a SERIES of 18 images and they take one. one fucking image. i'd rather not have any. they all work together for a reason. i'd honestly rather have somone elses stuff in there than mine.

people keep telling me that i should be happy with one. and i say to them, "you don't understand." its all bullshit. they get every artist up at school to be excited about this one little shin dig where they cram 60+ piece into the space that is the size of my bathroom. and its rediculous. i'm just happy that at the end of this semester i can say fuck you to GCC move onto another crappy school and then to something maybe worth while. this whole community college thing has me burned out.

my project of doom went over well. so that was good. considering well over $100 was spent on it.

now, time to stuff my face and not think about stupid school.

2003-05-05 12:54:39 ET

But...buuuut...but I thought "School is Cool" ?!?

2003-05-05 13:16:20 ET

only when it isn't being a complete bitch. next week everything will be ok.+

2003-05-05 14:02:51 ET

thats just insane. ONE out of a series of EIGHTEEN??? they couldn't even let you pick three to show some continuity? fuck! it's not like your images are these huge 24x36 behemoths either (i'm guessing)

2003-05-05 15:14:32 ET

no, they are about 3x4 and in frames mayber 5x7. i would have been pretty ok with 3. it is completely fucked to just have one. :) i'm happy you understand.

2003-05-05 15:33:13 ET

I was just kidding around about "school is cool;" trying to cheer you up in my traditionally feeble and misguided way. I too think that is bogus. There was an art show of works from the Art Majors at my former university, and my one friend, who is a senior, was chosen to show a work of his from freshman year that wasn't very good. He was disappointed and conflicted about it. You can always show it here on subkultures ~:)

2003-05-05 15:44:16 ET

dan, there was no misunderstanding. don't worry about it. all is well. if i get my bling from the government back i'll have enough money to buy a camera and maybe a crappy scanner. which will completely help me out. i orginally intended for my webpage to be an online portfolio of sorts. so hopefully that will actually get up and running..

2003-05-05 15:49:37 ET

big thumbs down to only one. it sucked because today everyone made such GREAT projects and i could easily imagine all of them being in the show too (espeiclally yours and natashas, sheesh!@#(*)

2003-05-05 16:03:25 ET

that's the part i've been kicking myself with. but then again i'll not like this project in a week. just a vicisious cycle. :/

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