2003-05-07 12:16:15 ET

well. what to say. today photo class was fun. better than normal. we pranced around making prints. i left mine there accidently. :/ the bus ride home was ok.

pokemon will consume my life.

and on top of it.

i still have two chapters to study for the anthropology test on friday.

we'll see how this all goes.

tomarrow i put in my two weeks at my job. viva.

2003-05-07 15:15:01 ET

You're quitting? You just started there not to long ago.


2003-05-08 05:02:48 ET

call me about your 2 week... or im me if your on... important info

2003-05-09 07:06:22 ET


2003-05-09 15:05:59 ET

yes. the boy let me borrow his game boy, and pokemon red. :/ thus far 12 hrs of my life have been devoted to it.

it wouldn't be so bad if it didn't keep a track of time played.

jeremy: yeah, the place sucks now. new management.

2003-05-09 15:09:53 ET

The boy is lucky

2003-05-09 15:12:15 ET

hahah. you know, not so much.

... i'm really crazy.

*makes googly eyes*

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