2003-05-11 16:39:15 ET

i've been on an emotional roller coaster the past few days, and today i was delivered the news that would definitely be the climax.

i put in my two weeks at the hot topic. which is kinda sad, cause no more bling bling will be my way. but it means i will have to to clean out the closet and the garage to get rids of stuff. which is initself massive amounts of bling.

i went out and got some shoes. all black (monochrome) chuck taylors. which i have wanted for about a year now.

i had a nice lunch with some relatives for mothers day. now, i want to watch a good film, eat some junk food, and snuggle.

(i'd grately appreciate any prayer that could go out to my family, esp. my mother.)

2003-05-11 16:47:42 ET

how come you quit?

and i'll definatly start praying for you family. :-).

2003-05-11 16:50:55 ET

we got a new manager and things are just way to different. plus it's not fun to be there. everyone is soo stressed out. :/ (thank you)

2003-05-11 16:52:36 ET

oh that's a shame. i'd give my left toes to work there.

what kind of advatages do you get working there (clothes-wise)?

(no problem..anytime!)

2003-05-11 17:08:38 ET

40% off. and we get bonuses, if the store does well during the quarter. essentially bonus = $20-$40 in HT play money.

2003-05-11 17:09:07 ET

sweet lord.

i NEED a job there!

2003-05-11 17:12:58 ET

all of your money will just go back to the HT. don't do it!! :D

2003-05-11 17:13:04 ET

massive prayers for you and your family, always. <3

2003-05-11 17:16:37 ET

i'd spend wayyyyyyyyyyyyy too much money there if i was there all the time.

my lord...

2003-05-11 19:08:54 ET


2003-05-12 00:07:03 ET

*snuggles you*

2003-05-13 20:41:48 ET

i worked at hot topic for a day.. i reallly didn't like it. plus, i coulden't deal with only getting paid 6$ an hour. but the discount was almost enough to keep me there. i think if the people there were nicer i may have liked it enough.

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