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2003-05-12 18:20:57 ET

i've got this little bald spot. my dreds ate the hair in this area on my hair line. the hair is starting to grow back and it feels funny. i keep rubbing it.

today i hung out with joe. we went to toi and then to ameoba. at toi joe ordered yellow curry and it was soo good. i wasted alot of money today. but i will own a teen girl squad shirt. "i'm in love with every boy" any how back to my original point. i try to hang out with joe once a week. we are slated to do music together. i always had these grand plans with people (i.e. lucas & cindy) but i think with joe it will actually happen. the madness of what is my music will encompass people to just burst. at least i think i would like to create something that would have that control on people.

i was telling joe about how i was asked to describe brian to someone. and i didn't know what to say exactly. i have an understanding of him. granted not an entire grasp of him. i haven't hit the crevises yet. there is always something new and absolutely wonderfully suprising about him. </sap> so while i was attempting to describe him to person (a) i just had to stop cause i fell to the loss of words. i can describe things he's done, accomplishments, what he does. but how exactly do you describe a person's personality?

and that's what i was trying to tell joe about. but it lead astray when we decided i could best express brian in an interpretive dance. so while sitting in joe's car doing interpretive dance explaining brian's personality. joe whips out a flute from litterly nowhere and begins playing it. after a few moments i realized what had just happened and began laughing uncontrollably.

these are the reasons i have the friends i do. i have moments like this with all the people in my life. (note:i think sometimes the people i know, are all a piece of one great human who is just trying to put itself back together again.)

and yes, we are a mad mad group.

as part of your homework. i want you to try and describe me. it doesn't have to long. it can be one word. you don't even have to know me. i just thing it would be interesting.

2003-05-12 18:34:39 ET

You have friends who can just pull flutes out of nowhere. . . I think that describes a lot. . .

2003-05-13 06:08:00 ET

i could say something cheesy like "interesting", but i won't. colorful? nah. help me, I'm lost here.

2003-05-13 14:31:39 ET

Uhm. Ginny is green and blond and sometimes pink. :p

2003-05-13 14:56:33 ET


2003-05-14 03:07:07 ET


2003-05-14 04:43:53 ET

ginny is

intriging, brutally honest(in a GOOD WAY) mesmerizing, captivating, beautiful(in every which way) and....


how i <3 theeee ::sigh::

i can't spell, so sound it out

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