2003-05-14 17:46:14 ET

today. i went to school for an hour. then took off.

i moosed around. set up a studio in my room.

these were taken with my new digital. ph334 the concord.

2003-05-14 17:49:16 ET


looks good!

you have been assimilated

2003-05-14 18:04:23 ET

i hid them.

2003-05-14 18:05:19 ET

so yah done gone shaved off them eyebrows, eh? ^_^

2003-05-14 18:07:10 ET

no. i hid them.

2003-05-14 18:09:12 ET

with photoshop or makeup?

2003-05-14 18:10:05 ET

beautfiul images!

2003-05-14 18:10:38 ET

make up.

there was some photoshopping out a gay shadow on my brow.

2003-05-14 18:12:42 ET

so you're saying you hid them? :B

drag queen style. NICE

2003-05-14 18:13:09 ET


i new being raised around a ton of gay men would benefit me.

2003-05-14 19:54:13 ET

dammit beetle (and you too Rustload) you guys are a fucking visual TEASE...LITERALLY
This is so not fair...i hate you

2003-05-14 20:20:21 ET

FaaareAk...you'd look like an alien without eyebrows.....wait a minute....I look like and ALIEN!!!

lol..fray was like...is there one with NO eyebrows?!?! He likes that, for some reason...thinks it looks cool.

2003-05-14 21:41:22 ET

those pics are neat

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