2003-05-19 14:25:56 ET


what is possibly the most time wasting site. while cruising through 20+ pages i foudn nothing neet. everyone has the same shaggy do that is soo hip right now. mind you. there are cute people there but with that sideparted shag flip. i was expecting something more intersting i suppose.

i'm getting frustrated with my hair again. i need to cut it. but girls just don't have curly hair, let alone cut into anything that is neat. i was thinking of something slighly angled. but i think i want the front to grow out more. something soon.

as for this weekend. friday i went to go see the jenners and her million ferrets of doom! we get into the hallway and are attack by not millions but billions of ferrets. the ferret berka call was deafening. unfortunitely while attempting to cross the hallway pit of ferret dispair we lost a member, nicole, who was attacked at the ankles by a rogue human hunter, lucy. brian met up with us but during his struggle he was taken down by two ferrets. we haven't heard anything from him since.

nicole and vinny took home two masked sable ferrets which are beyond utterly cute.

sometime within the near future i risk my life and attempt to bring home a ferret.

jenners owns a zoo. its super neet. brian and i hung out for a little talking and getting more information. i'm really excited. now the years of driving my parents nuts with wanting a ferret will soon come to an end. (my dad just should have gotten me one for my 17 birthday like he planned.) it was great to see jenners again. incase anyone hasn't seen her, she is rocking some super great dreds.

saturday i had work. which was work. brian picked me up from home and we headed over to adam's birthday party. mostly spent laughing at people being silly and geeking out. and then the later portion spent laughing at mxc. which is the worst show on TV. but it's got that qaulity of "soo bad, it's good".

"take off your glasses"
"um. ok. *lifts glasses up*"
boy proceeds to stare
i begin to laugh and i move my glasses back onto my face
"wait. put them back up"
i move my glasses off my face.
"you know you've got a pretty face."
"i'd just prefer if you had solid brown hair... your are a natural brunette, right? i can tell from your roots."
"yes. but i hate my natural colour."
"the yellow is interesting. but personally, my preference is for a more natural look."
"i understand. most of my extened family would prefer the same."
"lose the fake hair, let it go brown, get rid of the glasses. if your hair was cut to here (motions to his mid neck) you'd be really cute."
"thanks. but i've grown to comfortable with myself in this state."

it was soo weird. essentially he was saying that if i looked a tad bit more to the norm he'd find it to be more of his preference of attraction. which i found so incredibly ineresting. normally boys don't go through the effort to tell a girl they could be pretty to oneself if they were like this. *holds up unpopular brunette barbie*

sunday i saw matrix: reloaded. which i liked. oddly enough i didn't like the first one the first two times i saw it. but my problems were mostly with keanu and bad cg. the story was interesting and slightly new. the second one my problem mostly resided in CG'ed scenes where the actors were actually an animation. we aren't to this point yet where in movies its possible. so you've spent 300 million already. why don't you just spend a bit more and actually get the actors to do those scenes? anyhow. it was good. and i pretend i don't remember the bad cg.

the rest of the evening was spent watching a matrix parody done in australia (computer boy) and then cleaning the rat cages.

2003-05-19 15:01:45 ET

who was that conversation with regarding your hair/glasses??

2003-05-19 20:37:24 ET

some random guy at the party. brian left me as an open target while standing in the kitchen.

2003-05-20 07:38:14 ET

i love jenners' place. :)

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