stuff to do tonight.
2003-05-24 13:03:49 ET

an actual update will result later.

first! FREE CHEESE!!!

tonight is a neeto thing. for all of you in LA who don't like nekkid people wrapped up to look like sausage. The show is a themed show so your suppose to show up as an alter ego of yourself. i think its brillant. (

ALTER EGOS SHOW @ Del Mar Theater

6:30-9:30 - Reception / Performances
Cheese-eating and art-gawking, followed by a variety of identity-bending performances
9:30-12:30 - Live Music / Surprise Acts
The unruly antics of Kennedy, followed by Lily, L.A.'s post-punk chanteuse, with lots of surprises in-between
12:30-3:00 - DJs / Dancing
A rare L.A. appearance by DJ Assault, Detroit's accelerated funk master, followed by Randy J digging deep into the electro-booty vaults.

2003-05-24 13:08:40 ET

that sounds darn neat. are you going?

2003-05-24 16:59:12 ET


my friend who last night came over (blonde dreds before we got our photo taken has art/animation on display) he's worked with ohgr on a cartoon of his.

it might be on display tonight.

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