2003-05-27 21:19:19 ET

woooooo what a great day! </sarcasm>

96 degrees but felt like 99. in a house that isn't air conditioned. the best part.. i spent it cleaning. then bitter. then some more cleaning. and all that was topped off with wanting to kill.

but the great part is my new ferret. he and pablo were getting along fabulously. i think pablo is happy to have someone her size to play with. which was honestly the cutest thing i have ever seen. i'm very happy to have a companion who insists on slithering around on the floor. *beams*

much love to my other friends who have had a poopy day.

2003-05-27 21:22:02 ET

In Vegas right now it is 11:19pm and 92degrees...

I hope its cooler for you tomorrow....

2003-05-27 21:23:22 ET

i feel your pain.

2003-05-27 22:51:29 ET

It must be extra rough with all that hair. The last extensions i had in were killing me, sooo hot. yechh

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