2003-06-01 00:59:23 ET

not that any of this is going to matter to anyone.

because that's where its at.

tonight was nicole's bachorlette party. which could have been fun. but i felt like complete crap the entire time. naseated and dizzy. by the time we reached the hotel the walls were breathing and the floor was moving like the ocean. we ate indian food. which i shouldn't have eaten.

anyhow that isn't what this is about.

i attempted to get to bed. didn't have much luck until about one. at 2:16 the phone rings. i jump up kinda freaked out. why? well mostly cause it was a kid crying on the other end. ...like the phone call was suppose to go to the mother of kidnapping victim.

which has left me in tears and freaked out.

2003-06-01 01:55:07 ET

Hope you are able to go back to sleep. *hugs*

2003-06-01 11:45:02 ET

::sings creepy ghost music::

2003-06-02 09:29:31 ET

my god, did you report anything to the police just in case?

2003-06-02 19:21:19 ET

i just got a phone call that sounded like an old lady dying in my ear

2003-06-02 19:28:24 ET

they tend to do that.

just last week i had this little old man crawl into my ear and started doing the deadbody exhale noise. i wasn't too pleased with that.

2003-06-02 19:30:28 ET

distorted: unfortunitely no. there is nothing the police would be able to do about that. i previously had some odd phone calls to the house and after calling the police and having a lengthy coversation with them there was nothing we could do.

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