carpet shark!
2003-06-11 16:27:18 ET

i was attempting to study for my abnormal psychology test. but the ferret keeps calling me. so i took more photos.

2003-06-11 17:19:31 ET

Cute cute cute. What do ferrets sound like?

2003-06-11 17:25:58 ET

2003-06-11 17:26:43 ET

It sounds like a car starting! Bwahahaha - now I want one. Do they cuddle?

2003-06-11 17:28:06 ET

well my ferret is stil a baby so he only wants to attack and play. although i've caught him attempting to cuddle with me a few times. after a few months when he's older he will calm down and get more cuddly.

2003-06-11 22:49:14 ET

you have such a pretty ferret. What is exactly his color kind called?

2003-06-12 05:43:20 ET

the second one looks very film nouir... damn my spelling, but you get the idea.

2003-06-12 07:36:07 ET

inthia: you should have seen the light i was blinding him with.

alex: he is a champagne coloured ferret. :D (my favorite colouring is the black with mitts though)

2003-06-16 03:51:24 ET

this looks almost arousing.

2003-06-16 03:53:15 ET

my ferret = king of seduction

2003-06-16 15:56:47 ET


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