2003-06-16 15:48:00 ET

i am a walking buffet to some lucky mosquito. the sucker decided that during the brief four hours i slept this morning that biting me 26 times would be sufficient. i hope that blood sucker can't fly since he's filled with practically a pint of my blood. tonight the kit gloves come off.

i'm wearing bug repellent to bed.

2003-06-16 15:49:45 ET

I always wear a bug repellent to bed.just keeping safe, you know.

and you're 19?? what are you american girls eating? :))

2003-06-16 16:11:58 ET

I'm am the ultimate mosquito terminator.

If I'm asleep I can hear the damned thing buzzing around. I don't sleep until it's killed dead.

Mosquitos are gross, yo. If you have anything that might be holding still water you might wanna get rid of that,they love those things. It's where they lay thier eggs and all. And they loooovvvee humidity. Keep it fresh.

Good luck.

2003-06-16 16:26:46 ET

cyber: i think it's all the other americans.

2003-06-16 16:28:29 ET

pez: we don't really have sitting water around. although my house is pretty big andi couldn't hear it. depending on if it was a mosquito or not. the verdict is still out on that one.

2003-06-16 16:54:35 ET

I had a horrible dream last night where i was being attacked by mosquitos

2003-06-16 16:55:06 ET

meh!!!! that's not a good dream at all.

2003-06-16 16:56:57 ET

yeah , they werer everywhere i went, my room , my shower.. the shower was the worst.uggh.. I think i was swatting myself in my sleep, My arms were all red when i woke up

2003-06-16 17:18:31 ET

eeeeeek! poor thing! you can come over here where i plan to hole myself up in a mosquito proof contraption. >:D

2003-06-16 22:42:32 ET

The sneaky thing about mosquitos is ...the ones that buzz/make noise are the ones that won't bite you. I believe those are the females? The quiet ones are the ones that sneak up on you and bite. Typically I am immune to bug bites, but I got my first bite of the summer on my leg, and ouch. So I feel your pain..kinda

Get some fancy mosquito netting to put over your bed, it will at least discourage them, and look really sexy at the same time.

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