this day.
2003-06-23 19:39:51 ET

as for the weekend. i had a decent weekend.

friday: rod, smash, brian, and i all hung out. sat around here for awhile then headed for food. fred 62's was our final destination and it was filled with french toast goodness. we thought we'd be up for something afterwards and ended up standing on the sidewalk for a great period of time. in the end we ended up driving home to do tiredness.

saturday: sam's b-day party. which was a barrel of laughs. and i had a really good time. antics involving a bull's penis and some bitchslappin'. i was proudly not invovled. along with several other females. we ended up going to dungeon. the beginning of the club potion i thought i was going to kill but then i calmed down. and everything was honky dory. i spent a large percentage of the time talking with my friend john and julie. so cheers.

sunday: i got my hair done and went to the usual sunday bbq thing. fancy!

monday: went to breakfast with the parents. played with the ferret. cleaned out a bathtub full of wet mildewing rotting clothes. learned i have a mold allergy. and am currently dying. i can't breathe, and i swear my nose is a solid river of mucus. finalized the deal and i will soon have more bling.

i've determined i need to:
-not be so sensitive
-stick to my guns
-have better comminication no matter what
-continue to be reminded some people just don't mix
-express my feelings more
-make more art
-use my camera
-clean my room
-not to give a shit about 99.9% of this world
-remind myself daily i have something to offer this world
-love .1% more
-get what i really want

2003-06-23 21:13:19 ET

Mold = Not-so-rock.

Bull penis?

2003-06-24 07:02:19 ET

-remind myself daily i have something to offer this world

you are an amazing individual, dont ever forget it.

2003-06-24 15:03:34 ET

judas: yes. as in a penis that was taken from a male cow. it was about 3 feet. weird thing was it wasn't the biggest one they had.

n1: tanks. (and plenty of them)

2003-06-24 22:52:01 ET

Where does one obtain a bull penis?

2003-06-25 08:21:35 ET

you obtain a bull penis at a mystical place called the "carneceria".

2003-06-25 13:16:50 ET


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