2003-06-25 20:31:24 ET

i almost snorted a bug up my nose right now.

2003-06-25 20:51:37 ET

was it a beetle?

2003-06-25 20:54:52 ET

no. it was a small flying thing. possibly a mosquito

2003-06-25 20:56:05 ET

hmm...too bad.

2003-06-25 21:24:50 ET

my minions don't try to attack through my nose..

2003-06-25 21:31:53 ET

then what ARE their battle tactics?

2003-06-25 21:39:43 ET

i can't tell you. we may have a possible mission to invade a certain mahoganied coloured horn player.. *squints*

2003-06-25 21:49:17 ET

ack! no, not again. last year was horrible with the red beetles, no more red beetles. ickickick.

2003-06-25 21:51:34 ET

ehehehehehhehehh ehehhhehehe!!

2003-06-26 01:58:32 ET

better than coke ;)

2003-06-26 05:46:11 ET

its better than diet coke too...

(im a fucking dork)

2003-06-26 07:42:06 ET

ganz: yes. it has been confirmed through the cia and nasa.

cyber: i don't know about that.. :P

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