weekend of doom.
2003-07-01 09:13:27 ET

friday: rehersal dinner. practicing how to walk down the isle and not eat total shit the next day. had a fun car ride out to placentia. which is a gross town name. listened to 1.5 mixed cd's i had made. which were quite amusing. i got hit on by every trucker that we drove by. and was psuedo stalked by one truck driver. who everytime i looked to my right was staring down at me winking and the like. trucks come with automatic pilot right? we got to the church quite early and went to go snack at el torito. quesadilla and mudpie for everyone!ok, maybe then just us. i met vinny's best friend daniel. who i would be walking with. after the rehersal it was over to wings. where we stood out in front for a while gabbing. dinnner was nice. but it was really the carride home which was fun. fischerspooner blasting, and zipping along in the dark.

saturday: wedding! which was pretty and nice. although there was no church tongue. the reception was nice. although they spiked the salad with ham. and i mooched off of eva's shirley temple. and ate daniels almonds. damn those almonds! *shakes fist* danced with ian. and had nicole's father tell me "wow ginny. you look HOT!" but apparently that was his thing for the night. so my being slightly weirded out wasn't so worthy. after the wedding brian and i dropped off inthia and headed back over to his place. we thought we'd catch a movie. but i was just exhausted after a day of standing. so we watched invader zim and bought some breakfast food.

sunday: brian went out skating i slept in. woke up to brian incesently repeating. "wake up wake up wake up wake up" while shaking the bed. we ate some cream of wheat. and then headed over to jon's for some bbq action.

monday: i stayed over at brian's another night. got up in the morning made some breakfast. i spent a majority of my day playing on the internet and watching invader zim. except for the part: i went into the bathroom to wash my face. heard some noise. i listened in for a second when i realized what it was. a. people gettin' DOWN b. porno. i ran out of the bathroom and watched some more zim. cleaned out the girl's cage, watched the rat's vacume brian's room, and showered. we took the boys over to petco. and packed up shadow for joe. i made death shirley temples and some pasta with chicken and broccoli. made brian my desert biatch and had him make some chocolate pudding. watch a series of horrible tv shows. :D i love meet my folks. not one show on tv is as evil. well maybe except for this. god i love the japanese.

2003-07-01 09:44:27 ET

wow, i should really start watching japanese tv

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