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2003-07-03 15:06:51 ET

i went out on date last night. *swoon*

brian and i decided sunday. wednesday would be a nice day for a date. so i got all dolled up. (green lip service military skirt, black button up shirt, black tight, boots, and the berret) i put on a pretty face too.

we went to the manns chinese theater. terminator 3 opened so there were a shitload of people. we were sneaky and snuck up around to the other section of the theater and got our tickets. we had roughly one minute to spare and when we got up to the theater the previews had started. i wouldn't have minded to missed a few. the movie for the evening: charlie's angels- full throttle. it was campy, completely over the top, and filled with sexy men. i.e. norway-esque surfing model, Mr. Crispin Glover, and justin theroux. it was kinda sick when Mr. Glover appeared on the screen for the first time cause i was about to pee in my pants. i recognized him from the sliver of skin that shows.

i love the fact that two of the sexiest looks are covered by two gorgeous men. first and foremost: dapper looking suit, men always look smashing in suits. plus there is something to be said about men who wear suits. second: skinhead-esque old school punk look (boots, tight highwater pants, and braces) so good lord. now, i can't tell you how much i enjoy watching crispin glover smell hair. did you happen to catch those eyebrows? *dreamy sigh*

after the movie we went to mel's diner to get some food. i ate the best fries last night. we chit chatted about the government, aliens, gameboy advance sp, mystery lights, etc. it was a very nice evening. and in all i get to spent it with someone who takes everything i am and sees it for what it is and knows how to process the information to appreciate it. and its divine.

2003-07-03 16:18:13 ET

Hrrmmmm... I'm going to see Charlie's Angels with my family in T-minus 30 minutes. If there's hot skinheads, maybe I should wear my rubber underwear. :-\

2003-07-03 21:48:28 ET

I've always wanted to go to Mann's Chinese Theatre...*le sigh*

2003-07-05 16:00:01 ET

Oh dear lord the Irish Mafia was involved. I nutted myself.

2003-07-06 15:35:34 ET

i watched charlies angels: full throttle!!! it was great because crispin glover was in it, and then a few invisible tears were shedded secretly at the end. yes, the irish mafia was involved, and the leader had a beckham-esque pseudo mohican and the movie was 0_0

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