2003-09-07 19:09:39 ET

I hate the inside of my belly button.

2003-09-07 19:10:25 ET

can't be that bad

2003-09-07 19:14:12 ET

i dunno...

2003-09-07 19:15:52 ET

whats wrong with it?....

its just a bellybutton :::shrugs:::

2003-09-07 19:18:07 ET

insides of belly buttons are always ugly. stop looking for flaws, silly.

2003-09-07 19:18:46 ET

yes...but I have nothing to loathe...so I loathe it...

2003-09-07 19:19:14 ET

yeah, there really isn't much to loathe.

2003-09-07 19:20:32 ET

theres paint in my belly button. 0_o

2003-09-07 19:22:18 ET

how'd you manage that?

2003-09-07 19:22:39 ET

I strongly dislike many people and things, but I don't hate or loathe anything...so I chose my (the inside, anyway) belly button.

2003-09-07 19:23:25 ET

great, now i have to look at mine. thanks a lot.

it's a goofy lookin bastard.

2003-09-07 19:24:04 ET

i dunno... but im a messy painter... and ive been painting alot today...

maybe paint is just attracted to the inside of my belly button.. 0_o

2003-09-07 19:25:37 ET

I will so lick the inside of your belly button.

2003-09-07 19:26:09 ET

i'm not gonna look at mine... O_o... i am scared of what creeps in such deep dark spaces of my bodily

2003-09-07 19:26:56 ET

i have.... *counts*.... 5 freckles the kinda circle my belly button. its wierd.

2003-09-07 19:28:20 ET

see..interesting, but scary...mine is just...urgh

2003-09-07 19:30:19 ET

nah. its not really that interesting.
ive got freckles everywhere.
they just seem to be over populated on my belly.

2003-09-07 19:30:39 ET

screw it, on closer inspection, my belly button is a sexy bitch.

2003-09-07 19:33:05 ET

i have one freckle where my bellybutton is... i don't have many freckles... few and far between
all and all... i like my happy trail 2... i hate hair... but for some reason... thats the only thing that doesn't bother me when it comes to hair... haha go figure

2003-09-07 19:35:24 ET

i have no freckles there, but I have them in numerous weird places...

2003-09-07 19:40:01 ET

happy trails rule! i like mine, anyway.

how can you not like hair? it keeps you warm.

2003-09-07 19:41:24 ET

happy trails that look like there is a dead animal laying on your stomach are not cool.

little ones are fine. but i do not like happy trails that take up your whole stomach.

2003-09-07 19:41:39 ET

happy trails are awfuly sexy most of the time...I must say..

2003-09-07 19:42:13 ET

mine's pretty much just a trail, not a highway.

2003-09-07 19:42:31 ET


keep it that way.

2003-09-07 19:43:27 ET

oh my happy trail isn't thick... (and no i have somethin' against hair usually in general)... if it were thick i'd probably shave it off... but luckily most of my body hair isn't bad... in fact i have less hair on my arms then like bout anyone i know...unless they shave haha :-)

2003-09-07 19:46:38 ET

well that is good...super hairy is just not fun..

2003-09-07 19:47:39 ET

tis cool :-)

2003-09-07 19:48:01 ET

*cutting off his own face*

2003-09-07 19:48:24 ET

O_o why the cut of the face?

2003-09-07 19:48:34 ET


no cutting of the face!

2003-09-07 19:51:06 ET

Ithh scchhchceeeeemedhh likkhhcchhee a goood iddccchhchchea addhh dhhee ttchchchhimmee. *blood spurts*

2003-09-07 19:51:35 ET


2003-09-07 19:51:52 ET

O_o crazy

2003-09-07 19:53:30 ET

oh man...
I love that guy..

2003-09-07 20:01:24 ET

yea guy cuts off his face... and everyones infactuated... so typical....


2003-09-07 20:02:39 ET

hrm...i COULD shave my beard off. same effect, no?

2003-09-07 20:05:06 ET

the same beard you have avertinally avoided shaving for thus long?... and you let it go like that O_o...

2003-09-07 20:05:58 ET

shaving's for pansies. facial growth is where it's at.

i went to a concert last night with over 4000 people there. of all the guys, i was the only one with a full beard. pansies.

2003-09-07 20:07:12 ET

yes yes... tis true... i'm a pansie... actually i just can't grow a beard... it grows in spots... i hate it... sucks...
but i guess its no biggy

2003-09-07 20:10:36 ET

plus, unlike most beards, mine is soft. except right at the tip of the chin.

so that's why i can keep it and still get chicks.

wait...i can't get chicks. dammit!

2003-09-07 20:12:36 ET


2003-09-07 20:14:43 ET

one day, some girl will find this beard attractive. then it's just convincing her that everything else might be, as well. *looks at that sexy torso pic in his gallery* oh yeah!

2003-09-07 20:16:32 ET

I find it attractive, Ben, and I'm supposedly heterosexual.

You have POWER.

2003-09-07 20:17:24 ET

bens beard = HOT

2003-09-07 20:18:21 ET

i'm talking about this with my ex right now.

for being a heterosexual, i sure do get confused with a homosexual a lot. i apparently let out a really gay vibe. gay guys always hit on me and i'm sure one day, they'll actually try to do something and i'll reject em and i'll be beaten.

this gay vibe might also be driving the women away from me...

2003-09-07 20:24:51 ET

i don't get it... sometimes i have the same prob... not quite as bad probably... but i get hit on by gay guys a lot and such... i always feel bad for turning them down... (but the whole gay thing sort of sickens me personally)

2003-09-07 20:26:59 ET

bens beard is hot...I didn't have the privlage of touching it, bUt I am sure I will someday...

2003-09-07 20:27:14 ET

i figure it all stems from the fact that i've been forced to accept gay people or else i wouldn't have a relationship at all with a few of my family members (and former family members).

i guess i became so accepting that my actions soon led to acting kind of like that and giving the wrong impression.

a lot of people will turn down a flamingly gay man if he asks for a hug, but i don't. and people, when they see that, just assume, oh, he must be gay too. and that's not it. it's just that i know he's a person. a person who would like a little hug, a little affection. i hug my straight guy friends, too. doesn't mean i or they are gay.

2003-09-07 20:27:33 ET

woo, camille, you can touch it any time you want. oh yeah.

2003-09-07 20:33:13 ET

yea i know how it goes... i just have this thing... where i'm nice to everyone... and people think this means that i'm up for 'anything' haha... which i am in some circumstances... but i have my limits

2003-09-07 20:38:25 ET

well you know ben...you and lars were acting fairly strange...we kept you in check I think...I know how darn attracted you guys are to each other...hmmm....we wonder...

2003-09-07 20:43:01 ET

ben... tryin' to take lars from me!?!?! O_o... but.... lars is mine... :::tearful expression:::...
he's all mine... :::runs... away:::!!

2003-09-07 20:43:17 ET

lars and i ARE more than fairly strange, though. that was actually us TRYING HARD AS HELL to be normal.

2003-09-09 04:29:57 ET

And I hate the fucking parrot in your pictures.

You did that on purpose.

2003-09-09 17:07:35 ET

no...hahaha...but I should have...It's a cockateil dear...a cockateil...

2003-09-10 19:03:37 ET


2003-09-10 20:25:33 ET

haha, cock.


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