double woot to the fucking max!!!
2003-09-09 17:23:47 ET

I get sex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For a second(third) time!!!
I hope
This weekend
I can not wait!!
I will party have sex sex sex and spend time with my family, Also I am stoked my friend Christina is going to be in the Awesome vicinity too so she can meet all my awesome friends!!

'cept, I don't think she has caught on to my sexual preference....(both....)
and I am a little worried about what she may think, But I should not give a fuck.
So I will try not too.....

closer and closer to telling that girl that I know she knows that I know....If you know what I mean....

on a heavier note
Also I need to explain something to get it off my chest.
The first time I had sex with a girl, I didn't want to. I did. But not at that time and but not with that girl.I was lame and suggested it "just to to see" If I was. I am, but I did't need her to figure that out. So, girls are hard for me. I need to work it out, I am perfectly willing to, bUt whoever she is needs to know this. almost over it, I think it will be a little hard for me to get over it completely.

2003-09-09 17:28:49 ET

The first time I had sex (heterosexual sex), she laughed at me because I lasted about 2 minutes. It made me reluctant to do it again. So I pretty much stick to other sexual ventures (though I will never force or even coerce a girl into putting her mouth anywhere she doesn't feel like it needs to be. The experience of giving is enough for me to walk away happy).

People are weird.

2003-09-09 17:31:25 ET

my first hetero sex was pretty good...It was supposed to hurt...but It only did for about a minute, and the rest was nice...mmmmmmm..need sex....seeeeexxxx......ungh.....*turns into pool of goo*

2003-09-09 17:45:37 ET

i must say, kissing girls is fun. but thats as far as ill go.

2003-09-09 17:47:42 ET

Well, I'm glad YOUR first experience went well at least.

2003-09-09 17:59:28 ET

Hah! Palmala never laughs at me no matter WHAT!

2003-09-09 19:03:42 ET

I want to go farther with girls, but that kinda freaked me out...alot, I seriously think I am okay now. so yay! girl sex = fun fun fun!

2003-09-09 19:39:03 ET

rrrright. *eyebrow raised. grin on face* i love sex stories.

2003-09-09 20:16:50 ET

oh tabby

2003-09-10 01:35:44 ET


i am having none :(.....but i'm ok...i want girl sex

2003-09-10 12:06:08 ET

I love sex. I get it all the time. Mmmmm, sex.

Sex with girls is a beautiful thing. I don't have it as often as hetero sex, but that's because I get something from men that I can't get from women. Likewise, I get something from women I can't get from men.

I was weird at first too, but then I just had this explosion of sexuality and I love it all. ;)

2003-09-10 19:18:04 ET

A) You know that she knows that you know that she knows? Am I the only one reading this that's LOST?!

B) It seems that most young people have at least some psycho-sexual issue to get over. Just be glad you recognize it so young.

2003-09-10 19:42:11 ET

*shoots self*


2003-09-10 20:28:16 ET

rikki I think we have both been lost, but we shall find ourselves...
some how, somw way, this weekend.....mua!

2003-09-12 16:51:17 ET


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