ignorance rocks me still...
2003-09-10 20:30:55 ET

okay, so that sex I thought I was going to have this weekend, I might not....urungckf
That is because the guy I was going to maybe sorta have it with said something odd late last night/early this morning.
He wants to keep me in a friendship spot...
I have no clue what that is supposed to mean.
So I am going to go with it.
I like him, alot, and I do not want any kind of binding relationship right now(relationship=good, as long as it is open...) so I guess that is okay, But I was looking foreward to having sex with someone this weekend...I was leaning towards him ,but.......
sex is sex no matter what..
hahaha, he also told me that
"I should date all the people(date??) I am interested in right now. Then pick my favorite"
Maybe I am really lame, and perhaps greedy, But I don't want to pick anyone,(in the sense I think he means anyway) why can't some people acdept that free lay?
I mean really,
you meet a nice girl she wants to do ya, and you keep her in a "friendship spot"?
Am I missing something here?
Is there a reason why it took me so long to have some guy take the rest of my virginity away?

Perhaps, I have no clue
At any rate....
Today I had Japanese, man I am behind so bad.
I will study or shoot myself
I will be studious
I will..........
yea, right. Like I say every fucking semester.

2003-09-10 20:34:46 ET

ignorance is what keeps the world turning.

be happy, dammit!

2003-09-10 20:45:07 ET

No! I demand Misery!
generally I am a very happy person, at this very moment I am happy
I just don't get people right now.. that is all...

2003-09-10 20:46:04 ET

Yeah, I say the studious thing every semester. What a fucking joke. Anyway, that guy is just either gay, or he's blind! He should be willing to have sex, rather than just bringing up bullshit about 'friendship spot' or something. That just somehow seems like he's saying he's not interested at all. If he doesn't want you, then he can kiss your ass.

2003-09-10 20:48:28 ET

I have no idea, he is a weird but wonderful guy...he makes absofuckinglutly no sense ever though...

2003-09-10 20:48:37 ET

hey, hey, where'd that entry come from? now i have to read and leave REAL comments. thanks a lot!

2003-09-10 20:49:25 ET

sorry ben, I screwed up the first time...

2003-09-10 20:49:36 ET

*looks at ALL THE GUYS ON THIS PAGE* um...hi. i don't say no.

2003-09-10 20:50:10 ET

...then again, no one asks. so that may be why.

2003-09-10 20:50:58 ET

As long as it's all in good fun with him.

2003-09-10 20:53:30 ET

definatly is.

2003-09-10 20:54:33 ET

Ok, that's good then. I need a damn love life to complain about >_<

2003-09-10 21:35:07 ET

A puzzle if indeed there ever was one. :)

Maybe he's a virgin and he's scared.

2003-09-10 21:35:33 ET

That too! It would make a lot of sense.

2003-09-11 04:56:30 ET

hmmm..... uhhh..... nope no good advice.

2003-09-11 16:17:52 ET

banna hammock...no he's not, that would make it okay, or less confusing...you know?

2003-09-11 16:27:03 ET

ben has no plans for this weekend...

2003-09-11 16:28:47 ET

you should come to monterey!!!!

2003-09-11 16:31:08 ET

hrm...i kinda know the way now...and it's not like i'm doing anything.

2003-09-11 16:40:10 ET

mostly i was kidding, but that would still be cool

2003-09-11 16:41:10 ET

oh, damn it all! hehe.

2003-09-12 06:40:03 ET

no do come to monterey. i'm here to and so is rix!!!

2003-09-12 06:47:30 ET

you make an interesting argument. hrm...i shall ponder. ponder about where the hell rikki's number disappeared to, that is.

oh wait, shit! i can't go this weekend. i have to help rearrange the house, mainly because i have to move everything in my room into the guest room that i have to empty sometime tonight.


2003-09-12 06:52:20 ET

damn! next weekend!!!

2003-09-12 06:54:07 ET

i have to do things with my sister to cheer her up because her boyfriend is going into the military. boo hoo.

and no, these aren't just excuses to avoid you people.

2003-09-12 06:55:03 ET

awww thats to bad about your sis's bf.

its ok. i forgive you! tehe

2003-09-12 06:56:17 ET

she's not even allowed to go to his going-away party. which i don't understand. so i have to do things with her to make up for it.

movies, concerts, whatever. dammit all.

although MAYBE i could convince her to go down there with me...of course, she'd most likely try to get ROYALLY shitfaced and having to drag her places = no fun.

2003-09-12 06:57:39 ET

awww how come she can't go?

try to do something she wants to do.

2003-09-12 06:59:09 ET

i have no idea why she can't go. well, i have an inkling...
a few weeks ago, they got in a fight and broke up and during that whopping two or three day period, mike or his friends decided she couldn't come. and it didn't change when they got back together.

i'd do what she wants to do, but she was the one that said i had to think of things to do...so i guess the ball's in my court. whatever that means.

2003-09-12 07:00:49 ET

what??? thats so fucked up!

hmmmm well i can't really think of something. if you make a lot of money i'd say shopping and movie.

2003-09-12 13:11:59 ET

apparently, she works till 10ish. so i guess it's...movie.

2003-09-12 17:01:29 ET

well thats good. try taking her out to some all night coffee shop too. maybe try to get her to talk about her feelings maybe she hasnt said much.

2003-09-12 18:20:10 ET

that would mean i'd have to listen. i think true love closes at...midnight or one.

yeah, i don't know any cool night spots except a few concert venues that will be having...*drum roll* shitty or no bands.

2003-09-12 18:23:09 ET

yeah. and it would be good to listen. she may have stuff she wants to get out. i was a peer counseler for a while. so yeah just let her talk she may need it.

2003-09-12 18:27:32 ET

she just wants something to occupy her so she doesn't call him and keep asking, "so what are you doing now?" heheh.

2003-09-12 18:28:40 ET

haha some girls get like that.

2003-09-12 18:30:16 ET

she's kinda possessive, but then again so is he. it's a very...odd...relationship.

2003-09-12 18:31:54 ET

yeah. but hmmmm. i dunno.

2003-09-12 18:33:00 ET

i don't feel like getting into details, mainly because i'd probably misrepresent the facts, so yeah, i can't really give you much to work with.

2003-09-12 18:34:37 ET

hmm alright. that'll work. but yeah then do work on getting her mind off it.

2003-09-12 19:00:57 ET

that'll be tough. if i take her to a movie, she'll just think about it while watching. if i talk to her, she'll talk about it.

getting the mind off of something is damn near impossible.

2003-09-12 19:02:58 ET

take her to a non romance movie.

naw it gets easy for me if i focus.

2003-09-12 19:08:40 ET

well, when she starts thinking, nothing takes her mind off it. so even if i took her to this great, action-packed, well-performed movie, she'd still think about it.

no good at all.

2003-09-12 19:09:17 ET

hmm that sucks. well then i guess you should let her talk. i dont know i'm out of ideas.

2003-09-12 19:14:25 ET

thanks for the help, though. it is GREATLY appreciated.

and it also got like ten people to unwatch this entry.

2003-09-13 11:32:20 ET

haha yay!

2003-09-13 16:34:41 ET

Man that's fucked up about your sister. I'm just wondering why he's still not letting her go. That's just really fucked up. maybe they're just not right for each other.

2003-09-13 17:47:36 ET

they're a relationship of convenience, as my sister puts it. soon, he'll be in the military and then she doesn't have to worry. but when he comes back, i guarantee they get back together. egad.

2003-09-13 17:49:03 ET

It's just a continuous cycle isn't it? That's pretty sad...no offense.

2003-09-13 17:49:24 ET

none taken. i'm not the one in said cycle.

man, that sounds assholian. oh well.

2003-09-13 17:49:56 ET

hehe oh well. it's their lives.

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