2003-09-15 14:48:43 ET

I just had an interview about hour ago... The guy hired me on the spot!!
well I think I am hired...It's one of those "hey you come in to work on friday, so I can see hwo lame you are." things
But he did say the magic words...I want to hire you, but I don't know where to put you.
everything is alright..
breath in breath out breath in breath out
Also, my car is still in the shop
I have to catch up on school work majorly
Oh yea....I am writing a comic for the school newspaper...If anyone has any idea's....then throw them at me...
major artist blockage...

2003-09-15 14:53:53 ET

where do you work?

2003-09-15 14:57:56 ET

at a coffee shop her in half moon bay...mcoffee it is called...

2003-09-15 14:58:20 ET

you are so gonna fail at everything!

just kidding, you'll be fine in all aspects.

2003-09-15 14:59:21 ET

why no thanks to you ben!!....
no I luv ya!

2003-09-15 15:01:46 ET

wheres half moon bay?? O_O

2003-09-15 15:02:30 ET

near s.f. kinda

2003-09-15 17:18:47 ET

FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!!! j/k

2003-09-15 19:33:21 ET

hehe tabby...did you find a new job now?

2003-09-16 05:52:29 ET

nope not yet. i'm gonna look at the places i applied and see what they say. jamba already said they can't work with my hors other wise they would hire me on the spot.

2003-09-16 17:31:22 ET

that sucks...are your hours weird?

2003-09-16 19:36:58 ET

well they wanted me in the morning on week days and i'm not avialable in the morning 3 days of the week so they cant work with that.

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