2003-09-18 19:34:21 ET

I am tired...
no homework anymore...
I work tomorrow, and I had "paperwork issues" at the DMV so I get to go back tomorrow again....
woot woot
((does hand thingy))
BUt on the PLUSSS side...
I get to see tha Adicts!!
that is all.

2003-09-18 19:38:15 ET

in san fran? isn't that tomarrow.

2003-09-18 19:43:22 ET


2003-09-18 19:43:52 ET

kool. i know a few people going.

2003-09-18 19:45:57 ET

probably not anyone i know, huh?

2003-09-18 19:47:37 ET

i dont think so... i'm going to see u.s. of shit at dandy's tomarrow. i cnat remember the other bands playing though.

2003-09-18 19:49:20 ET

thats cool

2003-09-18 19:52:26 ET

yeha i suppose but leons not in the band : (

2003-09-19 17:05:20 ET

Woman, when are you draggin' your skank-ass down here!?

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