failiure once again
2003-09-20 12:51:55 ET

I failed my test
alot of friends and relatives keep saying
"everyone fails the first time"
but that doesn't help
the worst part is that the only mistake I made was the one that failed me the test
drive instructors are not being nice when they say
"you're a good driver, except..."
so I need to work on that
I miss monterey, and my people
I feel alone and distrcted here
even though having no one is supposed to be less distracting
but no
it's not
if you think moving away will help you focus
you're wrong
I wish I had known that

2003-09-20 13:13:48 ET

focus can't be controlled by externals. it all lies in you. setting has nothing to do with it. at least, it's not the same for everyone.

i got docked on my driver's test for not using my mirrors properly. but the joke's on them. my mirrors were set up so perfectly that a glance from the corner of my eye told me if any cars were there. as soon as they left the rear view, they were in my side, up until they reached the window. damn, i'm good.

you'll be fine once you get your mind to shut the fuck up.

2003-09-20 14:11:43 ET

i understand.

well about the going away thing or what not. bet eh whatever.

2003-09-20 16:56:00 ET

I passed on the fifth try. I feel your pain, sistah.

2003-09-21 10:19:59 ET

wow, that sucks... :(

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