2003-09-21 10:52:51 ET

le tigre needs to come to my house and take me
just take me
either them or
that girl
how I miss her crazy antics
I need to move back to my home
I have now realized that Terrence(no reason to not use his I did.) was right
stupid fuck as he is
not really
I say that because I am mad

2003-09-21 11:15:31 ET

Le Tigre kicks ass!

2003-09-21 11:45:45 ET

I love them
oh so much

2003-09-21 12:00:13 ET

oh my god, i am so in love with Kathleen Hannah *DIES*

i love le tigre, and julie ruin is just the best ever, i need to see le tigre before i die, i just HAVE TO, or else who knows...because i'm just head over heals for Kathleen Hannah

2003-09-21 13:56:57 ET

we can go together(if we can)!!!!!

2003-09-21 15:22:37 ET

Yeah, I need to see 'em too. I love Julie Ruin too. We all have to go together. Where are you all from though?

2003-09-21 15:23:32 ET

haha, i'm from pa

2003-09-21 15:24:24 ET

Well, kinda far, but maybe after I move to New York. :D

2003-09-21 15:34:44 ET

i'm in california

2003-09-21 17:02:49 ET

Oh you're not too far Bettie. Maybe when I go out there sometime you'll take me to some kickass concert. Does Le Tigre go out there a lot?

2003-09-21 17:11:20 ET

they havn't posted any shows for their next tour yet, they do come out here though...that is all I know

2003-09-21 17:13:16 ET

I will check sometime.

2003-09-21 17:22:10 ET


2003-09-21 17:32:08 ET

they came here, but in some part of philly and i didn't have a ride, blahhhhh

2003-09-21 17:33:30 ET

Yeah, they've come by Phoenix but it's always usually on a school night. And Phoenix is three hours away from me.

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