2003-09-21 17:00:32 ET

god...I love food....mmmmm
right now I am eating a garden burger in a pita with mustard and peppernchini's
this sucks so much for my libido
I live in a hallway that my sister and mother are constantly coming through
no one here to fuck
but I can't jill off either
what the mother
I am done ranting

2003-09-21 17:02:04 ET

im eating velveeta macaroni and cheese... yum..
ive got a big empty house
but no gorgeous people to come 'keep me company'

2003-09-21 17:02:06 ET

Why do you live in a hallway? And is you place of residence not equipped with a bathroom?

2003-09-21 17:12:52 ET

I need something to eat now. I have the same question. Why are you living in a hallway?

2003-09-21 17:13:25 ET

ahhh...it is...but the wall is shared with my sisters room, so that is no good, the hallway...
it's weird and a long story kinda
I'll tell ya if you really want to know

2003-09-21 17:13:48 ET

Do tell!

2003-09-21 17:14:38 ET

We asked, didn't we? :)

2003-09-21 17:20:43 ET

well in this house it used to be two rooms.
my moms room
but then we split hers in half and she moved into ours about uhhhh
6 years ago(?)
so my sister had the hallway
which wasn't so bad
then we switched
but I moved in with my dad
then...(stupidly) I moved back,
now I am and undersexed 17 year old girl living in a fucking hallway
so it's not a long story
It should be
but now you all know
why I live in a god damn hallway

2003-09-21 17:22:31 ET

That sux for you.

2003-09-21 17:22:56 ET

I live in an undivided corner of the basement, a space also occupied by my stepfaters office, for similar reasons. I feel your pain.

2003-09-21 17:31:53 ET

yea...but it's okay
only a year to deal with this then I am outa here :)

2003-09-21 17:32:38 ET

Where are you gonnna go to college?

2003-09-21 17:50:24 ET

I am not sure yet....But I want to go to Mills In oakland or sf state
or maybe academy of art
But I am not sure
I have been having some doubts about what I want to do recently
what about you?

2003-09-21 18:15:34 ET

I wanna go to New York. Either NYU or Columbia. If I don't get accepted I'll prolly just go to the UofA or ASU.

2003-09-21 18:16:30 ET

me too, lollirot.

2003-09-21 18:19:00 ET

Sweet! WAit...which one of those do you wanna go to? Most likely New York. hehhe.

2003-09-21 18:24:39 ET


2003-09-21 18:25:53 ET

Have you applied yet?

2003-09-21 18:26:19 ET

the time will come
when i have money..

2003-09-21 18:31:03 ET

Ohh ok...I still have to apply too..but there's no time.

2003-09-21 18:32:58 ET

im thinking
in the not so near future

2003-09-22 13:37:22 ET

why can't you jerk off??

2003-09-22 15:08:51 ET

yeah. thats just crazy.

2003-09-22 18:26:44 ET

no privacy....ever

2003-09-22 18:27:55 ET

oh you have a blanket and a bathroom.

2003-09-23 17:38:49 ET

No jacking off? Ouch. I feel your pain.... except not, because I have a perfectly good shower stall. In fact, I used it just moments ago. But I can imagine your pain. ;-)

2003-09-23 18:19:08 ET

oh fine...you also have very easy access to booty honey.....

2003-09-25 14:33:32 ET

Not as easy as all that.

2003-09-25 16:29:59 ET

still somewaht easier than me..I have no one up here....potentials...kinda..grrrr...haha....even the ones down there don't even exist really...

2003-09-25 16:39:06 ET

I followed little or none of that. PUNCTUATION, Camille!

2003-09-25 16:42:24 ET

what? grammer? huh?

2003-09-29 21:03:44 ET

That'd be 'grammar'. :-P

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