2003-09-23 18:40:29 ET

I missed rikki...what is wrong with meeeeeeeee
oh well
today was not good
and that made it worse
My boss jokingly(I don't know how much of a joke it was) said that I was fired, twice. I have only worked two days. God damn.
there was more
but hey
who cares anywho..this is not my whine site
I am super stoked about Folsom Street Fair this weekend...
what not to wear, what not to wear...hmmm.....

2003-09-23 18:47:02 ET

75% of when people joking is actually how they feel.
Where do you work?

2003-09-23 18:49:26 ET

a coffee house in half moon bay called mcoffee.....gaw! that cannot be good.

2003-09-23 18:55:29 ET

hmm...Hope everything works out okay.

2003-09-23 19:06:11 ET

go naked!

2003-09-24 18:00:14 ET

throw the coffee mug at his head. jokingly

2003-09-25 16:37:36 ET

I'm wearing LEATHER. VEry little of it. ;-)

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