2003-09-25 16:38:08 ET

folsom leather fair here I come!!!!
I can not wait...
I need costume Idea's that are do-able with low/no budget!!
can't wait
can't wait
can't wait
need sex

that is alomost a haiku
((hopped up on cough syrup, I think))
also my cold is almost gone!!!

2003-09-25 16:49:01 ET

That's a cute bird in your pics. I have a cockatiel aswell, but it's yellow - ugly. :P

2003-09-25 16:53:17 ET

hehe...yea I like the grey faced ones better, she is actually kinda pink...very cute when they are not screaming...grr

2003-09-25 16:54:51 ET

What's her name?

Yeah, my bird can be loud - at the crack of dawn.

Although, shes not right now. She laying eggs. Eggs that are empty. o_o Silly thing. she never did talk like my sister intended.

2003-09-25 16:57:18 ET

her name is haley....we have another one, a boy, name hamish. He is a bitch though, she is much sweeter..

yes they are...silly I mean

2003-09-25 17:02:40 ET

I used to have a little blue budgie named Jack. He used to terrorize the cockateil named Punky Joe. Hah. She's not that friendly anymore.

That was fluke.

2003-09-25 18:25:37 ET

blah blah blah. i said it before and i'll say it agian... naked!

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